we´re glad you came by to check us out.

Since our humble beginnings in 2000 we have had the privilege to transform hundreds of properties across North and West Vancouver.  Our business has grown tremendously since those early days and our scope of services for residential clients has been refined down to the areas that we excel best at.  In 2012, we broadened our focus to also include commercial excavation and site services.  The name Seymour Greenery no longer accurately depicts either our residential or our commercial services so we have made the leap to changing it to Seymour Construction.  We decided to not only update the name but to take this opportunity and rebrand our company to fit more with who we are and what we do.

The ownership remains the same as does our unparalleled commitment to the highest quality craftsmanship without the risk or stress that is usually associated with these projects.   

Have a walk through our new website and have a look around.  We are a very different type of construction company than any of our competition.  Our primary goal is to go beyond satisfying our clients and to leverage their trust to exceed their expectations.  The way we achieve this is not merely by building beautiful landscapes but by protecting you from the risk and stress of your project (before, during, and after) and turning the whole experience into an enjoyable one.  You will quickly notice that this value filters through every step of our approach.  

You can be assured that we will transform your property into an incredible space for you to come home to but - more importantly - you will enjoy every step of the journey to get there.

Clinton Scarth 
June 2015